2015 – Year in Review (Plus a peek at 2016)

2015 had a lot of running firsts for me. Not surprising since my first race was in September, 2014. At this age it’s nice to have so many firsts. Also not surprising that Running On Air had a lot of firsts as we celebrated its first year October 2015.

My original intention was to separate out my accomplishments from Running On Air’s accomplishments. I’m finding this hard to do, since there is so much overlap between the two. Since all my races are both for me to have fun and improve, AND an opportunity to spread the word about Running On Air, I decided not to separate them.

Completed 800+ miles

I participated in Run The Edge’s 2,015 in 2015 challenge. I partnered with my husband Ed and a 3rd teammate. I ran and walked a little over 800 miles. This is probably the most miles ever in one year for me. These aren’t total miles covered, just the ones that were specific to training or racing – essentially the extra miles that are not part of my daily routine. Ed and I had a combined total of 1,516 miles. As an aside – I highly recommend signing up for Run The Edge’s Run the Year 2016 challenge. I’ll be posting a blog about this challenge in early January. You can check out their website http://www.runtheyear2016.com/

First Half Marathon

My first half marathon in January had a lot of first for me including my first time in Disney World and the first race by myself. Of course it’s hard to be by yourself with about 20,000 people around. This was also my first travel destination where the intention was going for the race and sightseeing was secondary. This is still my half marathon personal record (PR).

Racing in All 50 States

I set the intention to run a race in all fifty states, with the goal of adding five new states this year (I raced in three last year). 2015’s new states were Florida, New Jersey, California, Minnesota and Georgia.

My Favorite Half Marathon

I ran my favorite half marathon in May. It was my favorite because I got to spend the whole race with my husband. Usually he finishes in half the time it takes me. Neither of us were as prepared as we should have been. He had originally signed up for the marathon and switched at the last minute. Having him by my side was awesome. The only thing that would make a race better is if I could run it with him at his pace!

Runner’s World Cover Search Finalist

I entered the Runner’s World Cover Search contest and was 1 of 100 selected to be a semi-finalist out of over 1600 entries. A big THANK YOU to all who supported putting oxygen, PCD, lung disease and rare disease on the cover with your votes.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

I went to my first PCD Foundation Conference, where I was part of a news piece about the conference and primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). I received the “Outstanding Volunteer Award” from the PCD Foundation.

Other Racing Accomplishments

I completed my first run Disney challenge in September with my first 10K one day, and a half marathon the next day.

I completed both the Army Ten Miler and the Across the Bay 10K in the fall with a PICC line for IV antibiotics.

Overall I completed twelve races this year: three 5Ks, two 5 milers, two 10Ks, one 10 miler and four half marathons.

Press Coverage

This year saw more press coverage with articles in COPD Digest and Nascar Pole Position Magazine, a mention in Pulmonary Paper and a TV news report from Minnesota’s KSTP. These all helped to spread the word about Running On Air’s mission.

Virtual Races

Running On Air sponsored its first two virtual races this year. The first benefited the PCD Foundation and had great support with participation and fundraising. Over $4000 was raised.

Social Media

Running On Air is ending the year with 505 Facebook followers. That’s 400 additional followers from January 1, 2015.

Twitter and Instagram were mostly new this year for Running On Air. We have 55 followers on Twitter (Mary_RunOnAir) and 47 on Instagram (RunningOnO2).

How do we top that in 2016? As great as 2015 has been, it’s pretty easy.

Ed and I are signed up for Run The Edge’s Run The Year 2016 and we’re teaming up with his daughter Sarah. Four other friends of are also signed up. We have a total of three teams which will be walking and running to raise awareness of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD).

My running goals for 2016 are

  • Average three miles per day walking/running/racing for a total of 1100 miles in 2016.
  • Set PRs at each race level.
  • Work on my speed and distance for a marathon in late 2016 or in 2017.
  • Race in five new states (and possibly one new country).

Running On Air’s goals:

  • Continue to bring awareness to PCD/lung disease/oxygen use/rare diseases through races, real and virtual, and to increase media coverage.
  • Host 4-6 virtual races (you can register for our 1st one of the year here).
  • Become a corporation.
  • File for non-profit status.


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